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Management Consulting


The key to realizing our purpose of making the world a more peaceful and exciting place is strong entrepreneurship to take constant action for changes for the better.

A&M Consulting provides the most suitable solutions for your business at every step of your long-term growth strategies such as Operational Planning, Go-To-Market Strategies or Cross-Border Businesses. Our team members have tense and broad business experience in different sectors: over 15 years of dynamic investment experiences at the world's leading companies or starting up new businesses. That is what makes us stronger. 

Our highly competent professionals construct "the best and most applicable" frameworks for different business objectives: Establishment, Capital Planning, Fundraising or Exit Strategies, for the swift business development of our clients. 

We guarantee consistent excellence in our services at every stage of your business from Business Establishment to Exit. Besides our greatest strength,the close and smooth collaborations with client companies, here is what makes us special in this business world: insights into the latest business environments in developing countries, highly specialized knowledge based on hands-on experiences and delivering measurable results.

< Service List >

  • Structuring your business to improve the financial and tax efficiency 

  • Starting new businesses by building strong offshore teams

  • Reducing the Cost of Entry to new markets by using virtual offices

  • Introduction to efficient bank (e.g. Monaco, Seychelles, Mauritius, U.S.)

  • Introduction to investors (e.g. Japan, U.S., UK, Singapore, Israel) 

  • Cost reduction by outsourcing tasks such as IT development and Accounting

  • Management of essential corporate assets 

  • Building Teal Organizations at the remote work environment

< Service Fees >

  • Monthly fee: 12,000USD - 

  • Creating an Investor Deck: 20,000USD - 

  • Tax Advice for annual reports: 5,000USD - 

Above is a sample of our service fees in the past. The actual service fee and the Service Proposal of clients’ most suitable solutions to their business will be offered after online discussions following the first inquiry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiry.

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