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 Our Clients

A&M Consulting is a unique consulting firm focusing on entrepreneurs acting for social wellness, inspiring startups, and global influencers. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your startup, from large business to small, across every sector, in Japan, US, Europe and beyond, we support the fundamental elements necessary to grow your great Business. Mostly we work as a stealth partner, but there are a few clients who would like to share their experience with us as below;

Education Tech ◆ Sold

【Sold・Education Tech】 OK Panda Inc. (NY) We sold its share to a Japanese top listed company and supported PMI.

Meditation app ◆ Sold

【Sold・Healthcare Tech 】 Harmony Ventures Inc. (San Fransisco) We sold its share to a Japanese top contents marketing company and supported PMI.

Education Tech ◆ Sold

【Sold・Education Tech】 Besomebody K.K. (Japan) Aina, Our CEO served as a CFO. She advised for their exponential growth and sold its share to an US based media company.

Blockchain ◆ ICO

【ICO・Blockchain】 Power Ledger Inc. (Australia) We support its ICO by Introducing world top solar company as an investor.

Ad tech ◆ SeriesA Funding

【SeriesA Funding・Mobile Tech】 Mobile Action Inc. (San Fransisco) We support its series A funding from Japanese top listed company.

Drone ◆ Seed&Series A Funding

【Seed&Series A Funding・Drone】 Griff Aviation SA (Norway) We support its seed and series A fundraise from Japanese top VC.

Crypto Game ◆ Management Consulting

【Management Consulting ・Crypto Game】 Apollo Club Inc. (BVI) Our CEO, Aina serves as an advisor supporting its alliance with Japanese leading gaming company.

Ed tech ◆ Acquisition

【Acquisition・Education Tech】 Alc Press Inc. (Japan) We support its acquisition and PMI of NY based technology startup.

Consulting ◆ MBO

【MBO・Consulting Firm】 PTS consulting KK (Japan) We support MBO from its UK mother company.

Mobile ad tech ◆ Sold

【Sold・Mobile Tech】 Mobilitr Inc. (Israel) We sold its business to Japanese top listed company.

Health tech ◆ Fundraising/Alliance

【Fundraising/Alliance・Health Tech】 General Incorporated Association Beauty Health Food (Japan) Our CEO, Aina serves as a director supporting their branding as well as fundraising.

Web magazine ◆ Branding

【Branding・Web Magazine】 Open8 KK. (Japan) We plan and create videos for their branding.

Real estate ◆ Branding

【Branding・Real Estate】 Leo Palace21 KK (Japan) We plan and Create videos for their branding.

Cloudfunding ◆ Branding

【Branding・Cloud funding】 Finansense KK (Japan) We plan an events for its branding in the US.

Fashion Brand ◆ Branding

【Branding・Luxury Fashion】 HANAE MORI corp. (France) We plan an event for its new branding to rase sales from the young trendy segment.

Creative tech ◆ Branding

【Branding・Creative Tech】 Balmuda KK (Japan) We plan and create videos for its branding to increase awareness to young females.

Amusement park ◆ Branding

【Branding・Amusement Park】 Huis Ten Bosch KK (Japan) We provide a branding strategy to introduce their brand-new specialities for Tokyo Olympic2020.

In addition, we collaborate with a wide variety of clients such as AI, robotics, and media related companies.

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