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Create a more peaceful and more exciting world

Be a lifelong partner

for entrepreneurs






Our Philosophy


Vision : より平和でよりエキサイティングな世界

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Mission : 起業家が一生涯信頼できるパートナーであること

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Value :  プロフェッショナル・高潔・スピード 

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A&M Consulting's purpose is to make this world a more peaceful and more exciting place. 

In this world where nothing ever remains the same, we try to reach our goals with people we mutually trust. Sharing discoveries and facing new challenges together, we grow stronger both in body and soul each day. That is the sense of the world we are trying to spread. 

When one project ends, the relationship between our clients and us does not end. At every stage of our clients' entrepreneurial voyages such as Founding, Development or Exit, we are there to support them with our constant devotion. 

"Our Success" means that we bring profit to our clients, ourselves and the world. We strive every day to achieve success.


Our most important asset is the trust we nurture with our clients. Our relationships start with word-of-mouth from our existing clients to the point we have never done any sales activity in our history. 


A&M Consulting differs from the majority of world's reputable consulting firms that handle varied clients' cases in their uniformed frameworks. Rather than a team of consultants, we are a consulting team of goal-driven and client-oriented serial entrepreneurs and experts. 

With our purpose of making the world a more peaceful and more exciting place, we deliver "perfectly" customized solutions to meet our clients' goals. 

Our clients, also lifelong partners, that trust us, are the proof of our commitments.


A&M Consulting is a unique consultant team of qualified specialists in various industries.

5 core competence below is something that we promise to deliver all the time, which distinguish us to other consulting firms.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Aspiration, Critical Thinking and Risk-Taking Mindset  

EXPERTISE and NETWORK - that were earned through hands-on experiences


that captures the critical momentum in a dynamic business environment


to follow the Principles of Life

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