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Who We Are


A&M Consulting Inc. is a professional association of multi-disciplined experts spanning the globe, driven by the passion to create more peaceful and exciting world, the organisation of which is well-designed for global serial entrepreneurs, based on the founders' real business experiences as serial entrepreneurs and experts that have hands-on experiences battling in the market to meet the clients' true needs and visions. 


The Founder, Aina Hatano, began her career in Finance and IT industries in 2006. It did not take long for this enthusiastic quick learner to become a key M&A and Venture Capital specialist and was appointed VP of Investment at top companies in Tokyo, Silicon Valley and London. The M&A projects that she successfully lead reached over 70 deals and 2.8 billion USD in 10 years.


In 2015, she started a new professional path as an entrepreneur. A fresh entrepreneur, also a mature business expert, established and nurtured multiple IT enterprises and sold these off to major corporations in Japan and the US, benefiting from the substantial reputation and trust she had built in her previous corporate life. 


Through these experience, Aina realised that selling a company needs extensive expertise which does not normally come along with entrepreneurship. Also, She found out that many entrepreneurs were looking for reliable professionals who can guide them to the successful path, which makes her mind to start A&M Consulting. Aina has started business as a private advisor for friends/entrepreneurs and it has grown to take multi-billion dollars deals today only through word of mouth.

Our most precious asset is the mutual trust we have accumulated between each of our clients. It is the chain of trust, the word of mouth from our existing clients, that introduces us to new clients to the point that we have never made a sales effort in our history.  


While other elite management consultancies that strive to be detached, analytical, and formulaic to maximize their profit, A&M Consulting is collaborative, personable, and entrepreneurial by making the most of our intense expertise and the broad network earned in real business experiences owned by no other consulting firms or entrepreneurs.

A&M Consulting is a goal-driven and client-oriented consulting team that crafts "perfectly" customized solutions to our clients' purposes, side by side with them, to raise the overall value of both their enterprises and their personal lives. 


*Our corporate overview PDF where you can see the latest achievement as well as our Organizational Chart is available here.


Corporate Profile

Corporate Name









Main Banks

A&M Consulting Inc.

Aina Hatano

Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Seychelles

- Management Consulting

- M&A Consulting

- Fundraising Support

- Branding

- Business Development

- Divestiture

17 employees(July 2021)

Absa Bank Seychelles

Mauritius Commercial Bank

OCBC bank Singapore

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