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Mergers &Acquisitions 


The world’s economies are driven by entrepreneurs.


When you are ready to exploit new ideas, expand into new markets, or engage in cross-border transactions, A&M Consulting is well to assist with ownership structures, shareholders compositions, out-sourcing or managing triangulation and payment execution.

From start to finish we deploy experienced specialists to guide you through the process. Consider us your valued partner, working with you to ensure that your business is well-structured so that it develops and grows while you focus on what you do best.

Our teamWe have gained our insights by both our success and hardships by running his/her own businesses over 15 years. Below you can see what kind of support we offer to early stage entrepreneurs. Our strength is our intense expertise and the broad network earned in real business experiences that no other consulting firms or entrepreneurs do not own.

The majority of the world's reputable consulting firms comply with their systemized analytic methods and client management logic in increasing profitability. Also, many of their consultants solely have consulting backgrounds. We are different. We are a consulting team of serial entrepreneurs and experts that have hands-on experiences battling in the market. We utilize the worldwide network, reach the latest information and apply meticulous analytic processes to individual client's cases.


We are a goal-driven and client-oriented consulting team that crafts "perfectly" customized solutions to our clients' purposes, side by side with them, to raise the overall value of both their enterprises and their personal lives. 

Particularly, our clients wishing to sell their businesses to leading companies in Japan or the U.S. praise our services to be the best choice that no rival can get close to. 

Last but not least, neither Fundraising nor Selling-Off businesses are not simple. Different factors such as the aspiration of entrepreneurs, the maturity of the market, connection with the investors should all click at the right moment. 

This is why we emphasize the importance of Speed. 

It is never too early to start discussing your Capital Strategies or Exit Strategies. We are more than happy to be involved in commencing your discussion to let it sail along. 

We look forward to starting a new journey with you.

< Service Flow> ​​

STEP 1: Deal Origination (Deal Sourcing) of prospective investors and buyers 

● Researching and contacting potential investors and buyers 

    (e.g. Japanese and U.S. major companies) 

● Documentation and Translation

    (localization of the languages and business practices in

     designated countries) 

● Facilitation of meetings and negotiations

STEP 2: Maximising Corporate Values 

● Evaluation of Corporate Values 

● Proposing and implementing strategies to maximize

    Corporate Values. 


STEP 3: Signing Contracts and Closing Deals 

● Supporting agreement on most preferable contract terms

    and conditions.

● Advising on Post-Merger Integration (PMI) strategies

● Supporting buyers on the PMI process


< Timeline >

● We will set the Target Date to close the wished deal when

    contracting the Consultancy Services.

● For example, we aim at closing within 3 months for the

    companies with less than 10 million USD valuation.

    The fastest deal closure in the past was within 2 weeks            from the first contact to receiving payment. 

● Structured steps will be communicated after we review

    your corporate documents such as BS (Balance Sheet),

    P&L (Profit and Loss), CF (Cash Flow), Business Plans,

    Corporate Assets or other related contracts and documents.

● Several tasks such as the above are crucial to the swift and

    effective business operation to reach your business goals.

< Service Fee >

● NO UPFRONT FEE as a principle. 

● Success Fee (Tax INCLUDED) :

    Up to   3 million USD  = 15-20% of Deal Amount

    Up to  10 million USD = 12-15% of Deal Amount

    Above 10 million USD = 7-10% of Deal Amount

    Above 50 million USD = 15-20% of Deal Amount

     * the deal amount means the price of Sell-Off or Fund Raised

Above is a sample of our service fees in the past. The service fee and the Service Proposal of clients' most suitable solutions to their business are to be offered after online discussions following the first inquiry.

Please, feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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